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Collection of 6 books on the Dead Sea Scrolls #57356

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Title:Collection of 6 books on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Author:Wilson, Edmund. Allegro, John Marco. Lehmann, Johannes. Michael. Baigent, Michael and Leigh, Richard. Eisenman, Robert H, and Wise, Michael. Shanks, Hershel

Publisher:W H Allen. Souvenir Press. Jonathan Cape. Element. Random House


Booktype:Hardback and one paperback


Description:119 - 286 pages, all but one with black and white photographs, some with Hebrew text and facsimiles, some with maps, some with indexes some with bibliography, some with both. Titles are 1. The Scrolls From The Dead Sea. 2. The Shapira Affair. 3. The Jesus Report. 4.The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception. 5.The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered. 6. The Mystery And Meaning Of The Dead Sea Scrolls


Condition:One book lacks title page but otherwise complete, overall books in very good condition



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