Mee’s Clerihews; Contributions to the Clerihew Dictionary of National Biography; The Usual Stringency; Litton Cheney 1877; Advertising Slip [5 items]


Mee’s Clerihews, Two Baker’s Dozen Superior Quality Clerihews, second edition,1971, 28 pages; Contributions to the Clerihew Dictionary of National Biography, 24 pages; The Usual Stringency, 34 pages, photos by T.Ward, ISBN 0902771868 ; Litton Cheney 1877, 8 pages, poem by F.T.Colby, translation by E.D. Stone and intruduction by Reynolds Stone; Advertising Slip for The Sermon by Peter Redgrove, Christopher Logue’s Establishment Songs and an anthology of verse called Five Quiet Shouters, 1966

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Author(s) Mee, Walter; Nuttall, Jeff; Colby, F.T.
Illustrator(s) Illustrated by Ann Spano; T. Ward
Publisher(s) Published by Keepsake Press; Arc Publications; Warren Editions
Published Date 1971; 1980; 1976; 1966
Signature Information N/A
Size 8 cm x 10 cm to 15.5 x 11.5 cm
Book Condition Slight fading to margins of Mee's Clerihews, items in fine condition
Jacket Condition N/A
Binding Small string or staple bound booklets, printed paper slip