The Aeroplane (69 copies from 1911-1914)


Copies in this collection: Vol I No.7 July 20th 1911-No.9 August 3rd 1911; No.11 August 17th 1911; No. 14 September 7th 1911 to No.30 December 29th 1911; Vol III No.1 July 1st 1912; No 3 July 18th 1912; No.5 August 1st 1912; No.7 August 15th 1912 -No.10 September 1912; No.13 September 26th 1912; No.16 October 17th to No.19 November 7th 1912; No.21 November 21st to No.24 December 12th 1912; No.26 December 26th 1912; Vol IV No.1 January 2nd 1913; No.9 February 27th 1913 to No.11 March 13th 1913; No. 14 April 3rd 1913; No.22 May 29th 1913; No. 25 June 19th 1913; Vol VII July 1st 1914 to No.18 October 28th 1914; No. 20 November 11th 1914 to No. 22 November 25th 1914; No. 24 December 9th 1914 to No. 27 December 30th 1914

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Author(s) Grey, G.C. [Editor]
Illustrator(s) N/A
Publisher(s) Printed for The Aeroplane and General Publishing Company, Limited by the Black and White Publishing Company Limited
Published Date 1911-1914
Signature Information N/A
Size 27.5 cm x 21.5 cm
Book Condition Several copies from 1911 have detached covers and some other pages, staples have rusted and some spines are torn around the staples, covers are marked and discoloured in places, corners and edges are creased with some small tears, some copies have the delivery address inked to the top of the covers, most pages clean, fair to good condition
Jacket Condition N/A
Binding Printed paper covers