Don Quixote, the 1801 ‘Charles Jarvis’ edition.

An 1801 edition of Don Quixote, translated by Charles Jervas. The translation is affectionately known as the ‘Charles Jarvis edition’ after Jervas’ surname was misspelt on the title page.
Originally published between 1605 – 1615, Don Quixote was first known to the world at around the same time as Macbeth or The Tempest were being performed at The Globe. Like the works of Shakespeare, Cervantes’ masterpiece is still read today, with its comic and complex nature evoking mixed reviews; Martin Amis called it unreadable, whilst William Faulkner said he read it again every year, as others would the Bible.

The Life And Exploits Of The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote De La Mancha, 1801, published by William Miller, £425

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